What is W3C and how does it related to ADA Compliance?

W3c is a consortium formed in 1994 to deal with Website Accessibility issues. They created a specification which outlines in great detail, best practices for making a website accessible called WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). The broad criteria include:

• It must be accessible to disabled users

• It must be accessible from different web browsers, and from various devices such as cell phones

• It must function well no matter what type of equipment it is accessed from

• It should contain minimum coding to ensure fast download speeds and easy navigation

Full details of the spec can be viewed at https://www.w3.org/standards/webdesign/accessibility

Is my site ADA (W3C) compliant?

Probably not. The ADA has not been formally updated to require compliance with w3C, the spec itself is subject to interpretation, and the cost of compliance is prohibitive to most business owners. Compliance with W3C has never been a part of the standard delivery of any website provided by WSI Net Marketing. You can test your level of compliance using one of many free w3c compliance tools

How Likely Am I To Get Sued Over This

Federal courts have applied Title III of the ADA to websites, so long as they are related to the following categories of public accommodations as set forth in the regulations. A place of public accommodation means a facility operated by a private entity whose operations affect commerce and fall within at least one of the following categories:

(1) Place of lodging

(2) A restaurant, bar, or other establishment serving food or drink;

(3) A motion picture house, theater, concert hall, stadium, or other place of exhibition or entertainment;

(4) An auditorium, convention center, lecture hall, or other place of public gathering;

(5) A bakery, grocery store, clothing store, hardware store, shopping center, or other sales or rental establishment;

(6) A laundromat, dry-cleaner, bank, barber shop, beauty shop, travel service, shoe repair service, funeral parlor, gas station, office of an accountant or lawyer, pharmacy, insurance office, professional office of a health care provider, hospital, or other service establishment;

(7) A terminal, depot, or other station used for specified public transportation;

(8) A museum, library, gallery, or other place of public display or collection;

(9) A park, zoo, amusement park, or other place of recreation;

(10) A nursery, elementary, secondary, undergraduate, or postgraduate private school, or other place of education;

(11) A day care center, senior citizen center, homeless shelter, food bank, adoption agency, or other social service center establishment;

(12) A gymnasium, health spa, bowling alley, golf course, or other place of exercise or recreation.

Is it Possible to Bring My Site Into Compliance?

Yes, the WCAG 2.0 specification created by W3C consortium outlines the web accessibility standards which are rapidly being adopted by most government agencies. Level AA is the compliance level that is most common and legally relevant within the spec. Your wordpress website can be modified to be partially or completely compliant with this spec however significant development charges apply, and no guarantee of compliance can be given due to the changing nature of the law and the specification.